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Using Ghost Hunting Equipment

                In this section I will list the equipment that Sumter Ghost Finders has available for use on paranormal investigations.This list will be updated when new equipment is bought.I will only be listing the equipment that we have available.If you have questions about any equipment that you see listed here,then send me a email at edavis5@sc.rr.com or give me a call at 803-481-8826 and I will be happy to tell you more about that piece of equipment.

        List of equipment
) thermal camera
) full spectrum camera
) infrared camera
) digital camera
) full surveillance system with nightvision cameras and monitor
) camcorders with nightvision
) emf meters- 1.Trifield natural em meter 2.Trifield meter 3.Mel-8704 emf/thermometer 4.K-2 deluxe with static electricity indicator 5 822 A digital meter by Lutron 6. Gauss Master meter 7.Cellsensor meter 8.Ghost Meter emf meter 9.ElectroDetector meter 10. Elf Zone emf meter 11. Trifield meter with static electricity indication on it
) the Ovilus-lets spirits communicate with you in real time instead of waiting to listen to evps you recorded
) digital voice recorders
) cassette recorders
) evp listening device-picks up sounds of evps being made on your voice recorder
) e-pods-picks up static electricity in area
) dowsing rods
) plasma ball for use as trigger object
) various trigger objects-these items are used to get the attention of any spirits that might be in an area
) civil war period music for use as trigger object
) Native American music for use as trigger object
) arrows,Indian marbles,medicine bags,dream catchers,arrow heads and other Native American items for use as trigger objects
) civil war period liquor bottle,dice,civil war era toys,and other civil war era items for use as trigger objects
) wooden train whistle for use as trigger object-some spirits can even whistle on this item
) old school bell for use as trigger object-some spirits can even cause this bell to ring
) negative ions generator-may give spirit extra energy so that it can manifest itself
) geiger counter
) ions counter
) E-Smog Scout for listening to evps
) ghost boxes
) infrared noncontact thermometer
) ultraviolet light
) motion detectors
) wind speed meter
) sound meter
Last Updated: 5/22/2010