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Personal Experiences

              There are no experts in the paranormal field,no matter what you see or hear on television.No one alive today knows a lot about ghosts or spirits.Many people have theories about how ghosts appear,what motivates them to appear,and why ghosts haunt the places that they do,but no one knows for sure how ghosts can do the things that some of them are able to do.I believe that seeing is believing.I believe in ghosts and spirits because I have actually seen several ghosts and I have seen them do many.many things.I saw my first ghost when I was eight years old and I have been interested in them ever since that time.I have lived in haunted houses most of my life and I am living in one now.I have no idea how ghosts do the things that some of them can do.I will tell you below some of the things that I have learned about ghosts and some of the things that I have seen them do.These are based on my own personal experiences.

    1.All of the ghosts that I have lived with stayed up 24 hours a day.They never slept.You were just as likely to see them doing things at noon as you were at midnight.
    2.Some ghosts that died a 100 years ago know what has happened since their deaths.They know about the births,deaths,and other events that have happened in their families since their deaths.
    3.Some ghosts are solid in form.I have seen ghosts hold objects in their hands.I have seen ghosts move objects that weighed over 50 pounds.
    4.Some ghosts have a very strong electromagnetic field around them.I have seen a ghost cause a fluorescent light bulb to glow just by standing in front of it.I have seen ghosts cause several lights in a room to all flicker at once.I have seen ghosts cause battery operated toys to work even with no batteries in them.
    5.If you know the name of the ghost that is haunting your house,then call it by name.Ghosts like to be called by their names and will usually respond in some way to show you that they heard you calling their names.This may be in the form of causing a light to flicker,moving an object,causing a door to open or close,causing a flow of air to blow across a room,or in some other small way.
    6.Most ghosts like candles,small wind chimes,and balloons.They like to make the candles flicker and they like to make the wind chimes and balloons move about.Most ghosts have enough energy to make these items move.Put one out for a friendly ghost or spirit in your house and watch the ghost play with it.Male ghosts seem to like these items just as much as the female ones do.
    7.I have seen ghosts do the following things,also.Some of these you may not associate with what ghosts are able to do.but I have seen some of them do these things.
a) cause telephones to ring b) cause motion detectors to alarm c) cause alarm clocks to go off at a time other than what they were set for
 d) change songs on a car cd player e) eject a cd from a car cd player f) operate power door locks on a car g) blow the horn on a car h) cause a garage door to open 
     Do I think that a person that does not believe in ghosts will begin to believe in ghosts because of the things that I have written above. ? Absolutely not. As I said above seeing is believing.I do not believe a sceptic will believe in ghosts until he has his own personal paranormal experience.I  believe that no amount of reliable eyewitness testimonies,no amount of credible voice recordings,no amount of credible photos,or no amount of video evidence will ever get a sceptic to believe in ghosts.If I had not had the paranormal experiences that I have had in my lifetime,I would not believe in ghosts either so I can see where a sceptic is coming from in his beliefs.I will not waste a minute of my time arguing  with a sceptic.He has the right not to believe in ghosts and I have the equal right to believe in them.I will not call him names because he does not believe in ghosts and he should not call  me names because I do believe in them.Sceptics and believers can get along in the field of paranormal investigations as long as each remembers that the other person has just as much right to his opinion as you have to yours.
        Most Important Thing to Remember
        About Ghost Hunting
          The ghost hunter who gets the most valid and credible evidence during an investigation and who does this again and again is not the one with the most experience.It is not the one who has the most and the best scientific equipment and who knows how to use it the best.Just about anyone can be taught to use the latest and the most expensive piece of equipment and he can be taught to use it accurately and very competently.The ghost hunter who gets the most evidence is the one who can get the attention of spirits by getting them to believe that he really cares about them,the who comes to every investigation with a good attitude,the one who believes that spirits really do exist and that spirits have the ability to communicate with him or her.
        Spirits do not have to communicate with you during an investigation.They can be in a location and not have anything to do with you .If you come across to them as a jerk,a know it all,an egotist,or a phony,intelligent spirits who have the ability to communicate with humans will not respond to you.They want to communicate with someone who respects them,who they believe is sincerely trying to reach out to them,who they believe is a honest person who really has their best interests at heart.Ghosts can easily pick out those members of a group who are jerks and phonies and will shun them.There are many investigators who have been in the field for many years who have never gotten one shred of evidence that spirits or ghosts exist because of their attitudes and the way that they talk down to, or make fun of,or who try to provoke spirits.
       Getting a Ghost or Spirit to Communicate
       With You
        Spirits have varying degrees of abilities.Some spirits can appear to you as a full-bodied apparition.They look as real as you or me.Some of them can even talk to you in person.You can hear their voices without the aid of a voice recorder that you have to play back later to see if you can hear the voice of a ghost talking to you on it.These are called evps.You record sounds in a room and on playback you hear voices that were not audible to you when you made the recording.Spirits that you can hear talking to you are rare,but they do exist.I have had conversations with spirits that I could hear talking to me ,but I could not see them.When you do an investigation,you always ask that any spirit that may be in the room speak to you.You have to do this every time you do an investigation just in case you come across a spirit that can actually do this.
       When you ask spirits to talk to you,you should speak to them in a voice that is clear but not excessively loud.You should not whisper.You want them to hear what you have to say.Speak in pleasant tones.Do not have an edge to your voice.Speak to them as you would to a person  that you see in a room and want to talk to and get to know.Speak sincerely and mean what you say.Do not talk down to them.Do not demand that they talk to you.Do not make fun of them.Do not tease them.Do not provoke them.I have recorded literally dozens and dozens of voices of ghosts talking to me after I have spoken to them in this manner.Ghosts like to talk.You just have to get them to think that you are a friendly and warm person who really wants to hear what they have to say.
       What you say is really up to you.These are some of the things that I say to them before I start asking them questions.I say that I believe that spirits and ghosts really do exist.I say that I have talked to other spirits in the past I say that I want to know more about them.I tell them that I am really interested in hearing what they have to say.I tell them I think that I can learn something from them.I tell them that I respect them and that I am not afraid of them and that I do not want them to be afraid of me.I tell them that I may not be able to hear their voices at that time,but that I have a device that can hear what they are saying to me and to please tell me about themselves.I do not talk to them in a condescending manner.I talk to them in a lively and upbeat manner.It is hard to fake sincereity,so mean what you say or do not say it.I do not mention anything at all about getting them to leave the place that they are in.Ghosts are in a place because they like hanging out in that place.These techniques work with just about all spirits.Obviously spirits that are evil do not want to be your friend or share in a  pleasant conversation with you.Their response may be something like get out of here.I hate you,I will hurt you.Fortunately for us friendly spirits outnumer mean ones by a large margin. 
         Written by Elliott Davis 
Last Updated: 10/30/2009