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Help Wanted

                     On this page I will list open positions that we have available in our group.This list will change based on the needs of the group.Also,at times I may need help on a particular investigation and I will post that need on this page.If you are interested in any of these positions,please send me a email at edavis5@sc.rr.com  or give me a call at 803-481-8826.

       Person fluent in French to help us with an investigation,preferably a young woman.We need someone to help us communicate with a young female murder victim who talks to us occasionally and she speaks in French.I will pay $ 1000 in cash to anyone who can tell me the names of this young female murder victim and the young male murder victim that was found along side her .This unidentified mystery couple was found murdered in August 1976 in SumterCounty in South Carolina.You can remain anonymous.I am just hoping that someone can help me identify them so that their relatives and friends can be notified.
       Tech specialist to setup and take down the surveillance equipment that we use in large scale investigations.Should have a good knowledge of computers,also.Will also help with analyzing the evidence that we capture on our investigations.
       Professional camera person to videotape an occasional investigation of ours.Must already be doing this on a regular basis for others.
       Experienced ghost hunters with your own ghost hunting equipment.I need someone reliable,honest,and experienced to accompany me on paranormal investigations.You will have to meet the membership requirements for the group to become a member.
Last Updated: 3/6/2011