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Is My House Haunted?

    Most houses are not haunted.There are usually natural explanations for most seemingly paranormal activities in homes.That being said,no matter what the diehard sceptics may tell you,some houses are haunted.These are some of the signs that your house may indeed be haunted.

1.You have smells in your house that can not be accounted for.the smell of perfume,cologne,someone smoking,smell of candles burning,cookies baking,liniment and many other unexplained smells
2.Overhead lights or lights in lamps flicker
3.Appliances turn on and off by themselves
4.Water is turned on or off by itself
5.Toilets flush by themselves
6.Rocking chairs or swings move by themselves
7.You feel a slight breeze as if someone has just walked by you.
8.You hear someone talking or humming or whistling and you do not see anyone present to make these noises
9.Someone or something touches you.There are ghost animals as well as ghost people.
10.You see shadow figures in your house.
11.You actually see a full bodied appirition.
         Most spirits in homes are harmless.They just do some of the above activities to get your attention.Many spirits do not have the ability to make themselves visible or the ability to talk to you directly so  they use other ways to let you know that they are present.
         If you feel that you really do have paranormal activity in your home,then call a local and reputable paranormal investigations group to come and check your house out so that you can give yourself peace of mind.Reputable groups do not charge for investigations;so do not pay someone to do an investigation for you.The reason groups do not charge is because probably 90 % of the time no credible evidence of paranormal activity is found.As I said before,most houses are not haunted.Also never pay someone to get rid of a ghost for you.A ghost or spirit has free will and no one can make the spirit leave your place if it does not want to leave.Spirits often leave houses for one reason or another,but not because someone made it leave.You can learn to share your house with a spirit.I have lived in haunted houses most of my life.Most spirits will listen to you when you tell them not to touch you or destroy things in your house and that is what really matters to most people sharing a house with a ghost or spirit.
                                Written by Elliott Davis
                                Organizer of SGF 
Last Updated: 7/23/2008