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Investigating Paranormal Activity

       On this page I will talk about investigating possible paranormal activity at a home,business,or other site.When it comes to investigations,I always keep two statements in mind.One is " Investigation is one percent speculation and ninety-nine percent documentation." No matter what your theory is as to what ghosts are and how they are able to do the things that they can  do,it means nothing if you do not have proof that they exist.You must have documented proof in the form of photos,videos,and voice recordings.The other statement I always keep in mind is this : " You can not prove anything if you do not document everything."Every little sound,every little movement that occurs at an investigation must be recorded in a form that can be viewed or listened to after the investigation.Start taking pictures,turn on video cameras,and turn on voice recorders at the very beginning of an investigation and do not stop them until the investigation is over.Assign someone the task of taking videos of every investigation.This can be done in the form of hand held camcorders.

       It doesn't matter if you are a sceptic,believer,non-believer,debunker,or whatever else you consider yourself to be,you have to use every piece of equipment that is available for use at an investigation.You need to use voice recorders to capture evps on and many ghosts can talk out loud and can be heard as the recording is being made.Why some people believe that ghosts can not be heard talking out loud is beyond me .I have heard many ghosts speak out loud to me and many have called me by name.You also have to use infrared cameras on investigations.Some appiritions can only be seen on infrared and full spectrum cameras.You can not see them with the naked eye.Just as a scientist uses a microscope you should use an infrared camera.Infrared cameras can be used in the daytime as well as at night to pickup images not visible to the naked eye.Full spectrum cameras can now be purchased by the average ghost hunter as the price on them has come down.These cameras can be used to pickup images in both infrared and ultraviolet lights which are invisible to the naked eye.As new devices come available that actually can help you in an investigation,you should buy them if you can afford them.Many devices advertised as being able to help you find or attract ghosts are just pieces of junk and should not be bought.If someone tells you that he has a device that can attract ghosts or give ghosts the energy to manifest as appiritions,he is just talking about a theory that he has.No one yet has invented a device that can attract ghosts magicly or cause them to manifest themselves in front of you. 
Last Updated: 3/4/2011