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What I Have Learned About Ghosts

       On this page I will write about the things that I have learned about ghosts from living in haunted houses most of my life and from being a ghost hunter.These will be given in random order and I will just write about them as thoughts enter my mind.

       I am not all that when it comes to being an expert on ghosts.I have had many paranormal experiences,but I still have no idea how ghosts can do the things that they can do.I can not get any ghosts to appear when I want them to appear.I am not a medium,a psychic,or a sensitive.Many times I know that a ghost is near me because the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck start to stand up.Also,I feel like I have just walked through a spider web and my body starts to itch around my face and my neck.
       I have had many paranormal experiences over the years.I have seen ghost women and ghost men,ghost children,ghost dogs and cats,ghost horses,even a ghost train.I believe in this field you get what you truly look for.I really believe that I will see ghosts and find signs of paranormal activity when I go out to investigate a place.Many people in this field have never seen a ghost or any sign of paranormal activity even after years as a ghost hunter.If you do not ever find any signs of paranormal activity while doing an investigation,you probably need to find something else to do.As an investigator you have to have a keen eye,a good sense of hearing every sound that occurs in a house,and be very,very observant of everything that is happening around you.You need to be able to quickly tell when something out of the ordinary is happening and be able to document it with voice recorders,cameras,and camcorders.Just about everything that you see and hear during an investigation can easily and quickly be explained,most of the rest can be explained with a little more thinking about what you saw and heard.Sometimes everything that has happened cannot be explained no matter how hard you try.That which can not be explained may be paranormal activity.
Last Updated: 2/5/2011