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Living With Ghosts

          Many times in life people have to share their homes with ghosts or spirits.This is really not as bad as it seems.Most spirits can not manifest themselves in full bodied form and this is what scares most people about ghosts.To see a ghost in your room at night can really frighten you and it really does not matter if it is a little old lady or an evil looking guy,they both scare you.Fortunately this does not happen a lot.If you do have a ghost in your home that can make itself visible to you and who can respond to things you do or say,then it is obviously a very strong spirit and also probably a very intelligent spirit.I have lived in houses with powerful spirits like these and I politely but firmly told them to only appear directly in front of me and not to appear before others just to scare them.Surprisingly most of these type of spirits will cooperate with you.As you live in a house that truly does have a spirit living in it,you learn what the spirit likes to do and the habits that the spirit has.If these are not really bad or disgusting habits,you learn to accept them and put up with them.You have to put your foot down if the spirit will not let you sleep or touches you when you are not expecting it.If you complain often enough and long enough,the spirit will give in to your demands.He does not want to hear you complaining or whining all the time any more than you want to hear your wife,husband or kids constantly complaining.Even negative spirits will come to accept the rules that you set up for the household if you keep telling him the rules in no uncertain terms.Most spirits really want to get along with humans and will learn to coexist with you.

                     Written by Elliott Davis 
Last Updated: 7/23/2008