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                 In addition to investigating places for signs of paranormal activity at no charge,we offer other services that are free,also.If you have had someone in your family commit suicide or have had a friend commit suicide and have no idea why the person committed suicide since no note was left,we may be able to make contact with the person if the person wants to talk about why he or she committed suicide.We have made contact with people who have committed suicide before.
        If you are in the law enforcement field and have cold case files involving someone who has been murdered and you have no leads in the case,we may be able to make contact with the murder victim and see if he or she can tell us anything about the murder.Regardless of what most people think,many times the dead can talk.What have you got to lose if the case is going nowhere? We are always glad to help the law enforcement community in any way we can.Give me a call at 803-481-8826 or send an email to me at edavis5@sc.rr.com and our group will be glad to help you with a case. 
Last Updated: 2/12/2012