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Ghost Hunting Tips

        This section will be used to tell about methods,strategies,equipment,and other items that my group and I have used successfully to get evidence during our investigations.I will also talk about books that I think that you need to read in order to get good results when you go ghost hunting.I will also talk about personal qualities that I think that you need to have in order to be a successful ghost hunter .I will also talk about things that you need to be aware of when you decide to start ghost hunting.These are things that I have learned from living in several houses that have been haunted,and from currently living in a house that has a very strong and intelligent spirit living in it also.I have learned much,much more from the spirits that I have come in contact with while living in these haunted houses than I have learned from doing many,many investigations at the houses of other people.I have learned how to use the equipment that I now use by doing investigations at my house which is haunted,by doing investigations at the homes of friends and relatives,some of which are also haunted,and by doing investigations at public places which are haunted.I did these investigations by myself so that I could concentrate on learning how to use the equipment properly without others around to constantly ask me questions.I suggest that you do this also.Do an investigation at your own house with no other ghost hunters around to see if it is haunted.If you are afraid that you may find something at your own house that may upset or frighten you and cause you to be afraid to live in your house,then you certainly should not be doing investigations for others.We can walk away from a haunted house,but the owners must stay there and deal with whatever is in the house.Probably about 99 per cent of the houses and places that we investigate and find to be haunted are just haunted by benign spirits that just want attention and for the owners to admit that they do exist.This is  the same for the haunted houses of investigators also,so do not be afraid to do an investigation at your own home.

       I recommend that ghost hunting groups have both female and male members in them.I also recommend that the group be made up of members of different ages.When you go on an investigation,ghosts or spirits do not have to respond at all to you.They can just sit back and not do anything.I have found over the years that some spirits will respond to male ghost hunters and not female ghost hunters,and that some spirits will respond to females and not males.With both male and female members in a group, spirits can at least respond to someone in the group.The same holds true for young and old members.Some ghosts or spirits prefer to respond to younger members and other spirits prefer to respond to older members.You need to give your group every edge possible when ghost hunting.
        Since I am from South Carolina I recommend the following writers of ghost stories about  ghosts in South Carolina:
       Tally Johnson is an excellent writer from South Carolina who has written three books so far. They are  " Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcountry " ; " Ghosts of the South Carolina Midlands " ; and " Ghosts of the Pee Dee " .
        Terrance Tepke is a great writer from South Carolina who has written several books about ghosts. Three of those are " Best Ghost Tales of South Carolina " ;Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts " ; and " Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts " .
        John Boyanoski is a fine writer of ghost stories from South Carolina.He has written " Ghosts of Upstate South Carolina " and " More Ghosts of Upstate South Carolina " .
        I recommend the following books for both beginning and experienced ghost hunters.
        " Ghost Research 101 Investigating Haunted Houses " by Dave Juliano .
        " Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques " by Dale Kaczmarek .
        " Strange Frequencies A Practical Guide to Paranormal Technology ' by Craig Telesha .
        I will be recommending other books as time goes by,but the above books will be good starting books for those who want to become ghost hunters.
        Things to Remember When You Become A Ghost Hunter
1. Friends and neighbors may think that you have gone off the deep end.They may think that you are crazy and foolish.They may start to distance themselves from you.
2. It costs a lot of money to be a good ghost hunter and you probably will not make any money as a ghost hunter.If you can not afford legal fees,high dollar equipment,and countless other expenses and hours and hours of time spent ghost hunting with no results to show for your efforts,then do not become a ghost hunter.Most people that become ghost hunters give up ghost hunting in less than two years.It is very hard to convince people to let you do investigations for them even though you are willing to do it for no cost to them.It is especially hard to convince people that live in the " Bible Belt " who believe in God, Jesus Christ,The Holy Spirit,
 angels,and demons but refuse to believe that ghosts may just possibly exist,also.Investigating public places like cemeteries goes old very quickly.I have been interested in ghost hunting for many,many years and I have had many,many paranormal experiences.I do not regret any of the time that I have spent looking for valid evidence that ghosts do really exist.You can last many years as a ghost hunter,as I have .It will not be easy,but it certainly can be done.
3. You will almost assuredly never see a full fledged appirition ever.It is almost impossible to find a ghost in the form of a full-bodied appirition that can walk, talk,think,and communicate.Most of your experiences will be with unseen spirits that can not talk personally to you,but  a few of them and very few of them at that. do have unbelievable powers.
  4.Many ghosts can and some will probably follow you home after an investigation.If you can not stand the thought of a spirit,both evil and benign spirits can follow you home, actually following you home,then do not become a ghost hunter.If you have young children and are afraid that some spirit may follow you home and harm one of them,then do not become a ghost hunter.Most spirits that follow you home do so out of curiosity and will usually leave your home after a short time to return to where they came from.Some spirits will follow you home and stay at your home for quite some time,but will eventually leave for one reason or another.A few spirits may become attached to you and will follow you wherever you go for the rest of your life.I have had several spirits follow me home over the years.Most of them left after a short time period.However, some of them stayed for a long period of time,and some of them are still with me after many,many years.Some of these spirits will follow me everywhere I go everyday.The spirits that have followed me home over the years have been benign and friendly spirits.I have never been harmed by any spirit that followed me home and you probably will not be harmed either.If spirits do follow you home and decide to stay,your home will always be haunted and this gives you a very easy way to check out the newest equipment that becomes available for ghost hunters to use.It is not such a bad thing to live in houses that are haunted by more than one spirit.
   5.If you are afraid of the the dark and if you are afraid of unseen forces,some of which have unbelievable power,then do not become a ghost hunter.Most ghost hunts are quite safe,but there is always a chance that something unexpected will occur.
   6.Some benign spirits have unbelievable powers.Most people think that only evil spirits or evil entities,or demons have extraordinary powers.This is simply not true.Everything that I write about on this site is based on personal experiences.I have actually seen ghosts or spirits do all of the things that I write about on this site.I have seen benign spirits stand behind a door and no one on the other side could force the door open.I have seen a benign spirit move heavy furniture around.I have seen a benign spirit open a heavy car door and slam the door close.Why do they do this? Ghosts are usually proud of their abilities and the really powerful ones will use their powers to try to impress onlookers.Ghosts like to impress humans and will occasionally use their unbelievable powers to do so.Benign spirits are usually out to impress you, not to hurt you.These spirits are not afraid of evil spirits that do want to harm you and they will protect you from these evil spirits.A benign spirit with great powers will protect those that it likes from evil spirits and it is always good to have one of them around.Most ghosts or spirits are not out to harm you and you really have to admire and respect those that can do really impressive things.
   7.Consult with an attorney if you are going to do investigations at private homes and businesses.The attorney can draw up  the legal documents that you need to get signed before you can legally do investigations at privately owned places.If you are the owner of a private home or business,do not let anyone or any group do an investigation for you if they do not have the required legal documents with them that will protect your rights.The organizer or organizers of the ghost hunting group should always carry a card from the attorney that you consulted with so that you can show it to those who may ask which attorney is representing you.
            Trigger Objects
       Trigger objects are items that you take to an investigation to try to get spirits that might be there to respond to you.The objects that you take should be based on the type of spirits that you are trying to appeal to.Take items that may appeal to civil war soldiers to a battlefield.,etc.I will give you some examples below.
   Civil war battlefields :1. authentic civil war music played on the instruments that were actually used at that time.There are several groups that play this type of music. 2. civil war era dice 3. civil war era marbles 4. civil war era games like checkers,chess,dominoes 5. civil war era money This is fake money that looks and even smells like old civil war money.You can find this type of money on ebay. 6. civil war era liquor bottles
   Native American battlefields or Native American mounds or other places where Native Americans lived You should always be respectful at any public or private site that you investigate. 1. authentic Native American music played by Native Americans on the type of instruments that were used years ago 2. authentic arrowheads 3. authentic arrows 4. authentic toys 5.authentic medicine bags 6. authentic dreamcatchers When I say authentic,I mean that the items were made by Native Americans.
   Schools,houses,and other places where children are likely to be present : 1.balls that can easily be rolled 2.small toys 3.marbles 4. small dolls and teddy bears 5. paper dolls and other small cutouts 6. battery- operated plasma ball or plasma lamp.Always take battery-operated items whenever you possibly can. They are much safer to use.
       I think you get the idea by now on how trigger objects are used.Always try to take some trigger objects along with you when you are ghost hunting.      
Last Updated: 11/18/2009